how many levels in gardenscapes?

how many levels in gardenscapes?

how many levels in gardenscapes?-Gardenscapes is a popular mobile game that combines elements of puzzle-solving and simulation. Developed by Playrix, it allows players to create their dream garden by completing match-3 puzzle levels. One of the most common questions that players have is, “How many levels are there in Gardenscapes?” In this article, we will explore the answer to this question and provide some additional information about the game.

The Ever-Growing Gardenscapes

Gardenscapes is a game that keeps on expanding. Since its initial release in 2016, Playrix has been consistently adding new levels to keep players engaged and entertained. As of now, there are thousands of levels available in the game, with more being added regularly through updates. This means that players can enjoy Gardenscapes for a long time without running out of new challenges to tackle.

How Levels Work in Gardenscapes

In Gardenscapes, each level presents a unique puzzle that players must solve to progress in the game. The puzzles are presented in a match-3 format, where players need to match three or more identical items to clear them from the board. The goal of each level varies, but it usually involves tasks such as collecting a certain number of specific items, removing obstacles, or reaching a target score.

As players complete levels, they earn stars, which are used to unlock new areas and features in the garden. Stars can also be used to perform tasks within the garden, such as planting flowers or installing new decorations. The more levels players complete, the more stars they earn, and the more they can enhance and customize their virtual garden.

Challenges and Boosters

While the early levels of Gardenscapes are relatively easy, the difficulty gradually increases as players progress. New obstacles and challenges are introduced, making the puzzles more complex and requiring strategic thinking to overcome them. This ensures that players are constantly engaged and challenged, keeping the gameplay experience fresh and exciting.

To assist players in their quest to complete levels, Gardenscapes offers a variety of boosters and power-ups. These can be earned during gameplay or purchased with in-game currency. Boosters can help players clear difficult levels by removing obstacles, creating power-ups, or adding extra moves. However, they should be used strategically, as they are limited in quantity and can greatly impact the outcome of a level.

Community and Competition

Gardenscapes also provides players with the opportunity to connect with a vibrant community of fellow players. Through social features, players can visit each other’s gardens, exchange gifts, and compete in friendly competitions. This adds a social element to the game, allowing players to showcase their creativity and compare their progress with others.


In conclusion, Gardenscapes offers a vast number of levels for players to enjoy. With thousands of levels available and regular updates adding more content, players can immerse themselves in the game for hours on end. The increasing difficulty, the availability of boosters, and the opportunity to connect with other players make Gardenscapes a captivating and engaging mobile gaming experience. So, dive into the world of Gardenscapes and start creating your dream garden today!

how many levels in gardenscapes?
how many levels in gardenscapes?

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