Roof Gardening – Everything you need to know 2021

Roof Gardening-Everything you need to know 2021.

Roof Gardening – also known as green roofs or living roofs. In other words, we can say that roof gardening is a garden at the top of the building, which creates ecological benefits on large scale.

A gift that this Pandemic has blessed us with is time. The time to explore ourselves and our interests. Likewise, I found one of my passions – gardening. It started when I decided to buy a low-maintenance plant for my workplace, and the rest is history! Today, I’m a happy owner of various types of plants – big and small. Lately, however, there is a new trend in the world of nature-lovers – a Roof Gardening

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Roof Gardening
Roof Gardening

A place under the sky, with lots of greens surrounding you, is every plant-lover’s dream! But is it a good idea to have one in your house – more specifically your roof – or is this just another aesthetic? Let’s dig deep to find this out!

A Good Idea?

Roof Gardening has a lot of advantages: They provide you with the space to freely grow your produce, they add beauty to your house, and they massively improve air quality.

The plants absorb excess sunlight during photosynthesis which converts carbon dioxide into oxygen – making it easier to breathe. Not only that, but they also play a role in filtering out polluted air particles and gases – not only by photosynthesis but also by deposition.  They help reduce dust distribution in the air and smog production, ensuring less frequent greenhouse emissions. Moreover, they help reduce waste which results in the materials of the building lasting longer.

Too Cool!

They keep your house cool, in both the temperature and trendy way! The roof is exposed to constant sunlight throughout the day, and the material that the roof is made of – gravel and tar mostly – causes it to heat up. In some cases, the temperature rises more than the air! Moreover, the heat on roofs is radiated back into the environment – this is known as the Urban Heat Island Effect – which is what makes urban areas so much hotter than the countryside. You might have wondered why there is always a difference in the temperature when you enter an office, right? Well, now you know why.

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Studies have shown that being in contact with nature massively improves your mental health, especially for those who live in urban areas – So having a Roof Gardening is a healthy way to de-stress and relax after a long day at work!

Efficient as Ever!

Roof Gardening is associated with energy efficiency. They provide great insulation and retain heat during the winters while keeping temperatures cool during the summer. This translates to less use of air conditioning systems, leading to energy conservation and money-saving. The insulation mentioned earlier does not only apply to heat but to noise as well. The soil and plants reflect/ deflect sound waves, which serve as a noise reduction/cancellation medium. Rejoice, light-sleepers! Now you won’t have to worry about the busy traffic or the thunderstorm!

By the way, did we talk about rain? Well, let me tell you something: you don’t have to worry about water runoffs during the monsoon season now. Roof Gardening retains about 80% of the rainfall, which helps them grow and regulate the temperature. Now you won’t get worried about the local flooding caused by water runoffs! Relax and enjoy the rain!

Another benefit of roof gardens is the fact that you can grow anything! You can have a mini vegetable/fruit farm on your roof and enjoy the organic, homegrown fresh produce – nothing tastes sweeter than hard work, right?

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The wildlife that comes with the roof garden is also worth a sight. Many birds of different species will visit your garden, possibly make it their home if you are lucky. The song they sing and their sight will bring nothing less than warmth and joy to your life.

Hence, if you are thinking about adding a roof garden, go right ahead and witness as they become one of your favorite spots in your home in no time!

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