How to Grow Citrus Indoors

How to Grow Citrus Indoors

If you\’re unable to plant citrus outdoors because of the prolonged cold weather, you can still grow citrus plants indoors. Grow Citrus plants provide both flowers and fruits, which are great sources of vitamin C.

Grow Citrus Indoors


Before you start planting your citrus indoors, make sure that you prepare the soil. Remove any debris from the surface of the ground and rake the area smooth. Mix two parts garden soil or compost with one part builders sand and then water the mixture until it is moist but not waterlogged.


Take cuttings from your orange tree in the autumn, before the fruits develop. Place the cuttings into a jar of water and place it somewhere warm until shoots appear. Remove the shoots from the water and place the roots into the prepared soil. Water the plant well.


Water your plant regularly to keep the soil moist but not waterlogged. Feed it once a month with a vegetable feed concentrated in vitamin C. To  help your plant survive the harsh winter weather, keep it in a cold room or a windowsill. Bring it into an warmer room as the weather improves.

You can force flowering by decreasing the watering and increasing the sunlight hours. Once the flowers appear, move the plant into a sunny window to allow the fruits to form. Once the fruits start to grow, move your plant back to a colder location with reduced sunlight hours. Keep your eye on the temperature in the room where your plant is growing as citris cannot tolerate cold temperatures (below 55°F/13°C).


Once the fruits start to grow, you will have to transplant your plant into a pot. Choose a pot that is 3 inches wider than the root ball of your plant. Fill the bottom part of the pot with builder\’s sand and placed your citrus plant on top of it. Cover the root with compost and then place another layer of builders sand. Water thoroughly. Move your plant back to its  original location once the flowers have appeared and the fruits have started to grow.


You can keep your existing plant in its pot and start new plants from cuttings. Place the pot in a larger one and make cuts in the sides of the old pot. Plant your cuttings in the new pot and cover the whole thing with plastic to create a greenhouse effect. Remove the plastic once the roots have established themselves in the new pot.

Grow Citrus trees are great for indoor gardening especially for those who cannot keep a garden outdoors due to certain circumstances. Growing citrus indoors is rather easy if you follow the instructions above and you will be able to enjoy delicious fruits in a location where it would be difficult to grow anything outdoors.

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