Enjoying Homegrown Tomatoes: A Simple Guide 2024

Homegrown Tomatoes

Let’s talk about homegrown tomatoes – those delicious fruits that come in different shapes and taste way better than the ones you buy in stores. We’ll explore how to grow and savor these tasty treats.

Homegrown Tomatoes
Homegrown Tomatoes

Ripe & Ready:

When to Pick:

Forget about green tomatoes; the best taste comes when they’re fully ripe. Look for a hint of color, and the longer you wait, the yummier they get. Tomatoes ripen from the inside, so when they’re soft and look ready outside, it’s time to pick and enjoy!

Dealing with Cracks:

Sometimes, tomatoes might crack on the vine. No worries! They’re juicy and tasty. To stop cracking, water them less. Less water means less juice, and that makes the flavor even better.

Keep Them Cozy, Not Cold:

If you have to pick tomatoes early, remember: NO FRIDGE! Cold ruins the taste. Keep them between 55º-70ºF, away from sunlight, and store them with the stems up to keep them fresh.

Too Many Tomatoes?

Don’t throw them away! Share with friends, make sauces using our recipes, freeze them, dry them, or cook them for later.

Remember, let them stay on the vine as long as possible, pick when soft, and say no to firm tomatoes. And seriously, keep them out of the fridge for the best flavors!

Flavor Facts:

Sweet and Tangy:

The taste of a tomato comes from how much acid it has. Too sweet means it lacks flavor. Lighter-colored ones, like Great White and White Beauty, are sweet and mild without being too tangy. They’re a tasty twist on the classic tomato flavor.


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