Advice on How to Keep Rabbits Out of Your Garden

Advice on How to Keep Rabbits Out of Your Garden

Rabbits are cute little creatures, but they can be a real nuisance in your garden. Here are some tips to help keep rabbits out of your garden:

-Make sure your garden is well-fenced; rabbits will easily jump over fences.
-Install animal repellents to keep the rabbits away; these products work by emitting an unpleasant smell or by using a physical barrier.
-Set up bird feeders in areas that are frequented by rabbits; this will lure them away from your garden.

Advice on How to Keep Rabbits Out of Your Garden
Advice on How to Keep Rabbits Out of Your Garden – Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Understand the Signs

If you have rabbits, you know they can be a nuisance in your garden. Here are some tips to keep them out:

  1. Make sure your garden is well-seeded and has plenty of food and water.
  2. Block off access to areas where rabbits like to hide, such as under trees or around plants.
  3. Use fencing to keep them out of particular areas. Fencing should be high enough so that the rabbits can’t jump over it, but not so high that they can’t get inside.
  4. Rabbit-proof your garden tools by putting long pieces of old rope or string around the handles and tying them securely to posts or tree trunks.

Make Your Garden Unsuitable

If you have rabbits, there are some steps you can take to keep them out of your garden. First, make sure the area is properly fenced in. Second, use deterrents such as motion-activated sprinklers that shoot water at the rabbits when they cross the boundary or an electrified fence. If these measures don’t work, consider installing a rabbit-proof garden netting barrier.

Keep Them Indoors During Winter

If you live in an area where winters are cold and snowy, it is important to keep your rabbits inside during the winter. Rabbits cannot handle very cold temperatures well and will likely die if they are kept outside during the winter. Make sure to feed them plenty of hay and fresh vegetables during the winter so that they do not get hungry and freeze to death.

Feed Them a Healthy Diet

There are a few things that you can do to help keep rabbits out of your garden. The first is to give them a balanced diet. You can buy rabbit food or make your own. Make sure that the food is high in fiber and has plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits. You can also buy rabbit fencing to keep them out of areas that you don’t want them in.


Keeping rabbits out of your garden is a difficult task, but with a few well-placed deterrents and some proper training, you can make it much easier. Here are five tips to help you keep rabbits away from your plants:

  1. Fence Your Garden Properly: A good fence will not only keep rabbits out of your garden but other animals as well. Make sure the fence is at least six feet tall and made of sturdy materials that won’t easily be climbed or cut through.
  2. Install Motion Sensors: Some motion sensors are triggered by movement and will send an alarm if a rabbit enters your garden. These sensors are usually more expensive than traditional alarms but are well worth the investment if you want to be 100% certain that they won’t let any rabbits near your plants!
  3. Use Scarecrows: A scarecrow is one of the oldest and most effective methods for deterring rabbits from gardens; simply position it in a noticeable spot in your garden and watch as the rabbits avoid it like the plague!
  4. Keep Weed Away From Gardens: If there are areas in your garden where weeds grow rampant, try keeping them away from the area around your plants by using weed killers

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