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How to Prune Plants

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How to Prune Plants- When you’re trimming plants, sometimes you need to be gentle, and other times you’ve got to be a bit tough. Rejuvenation pruning is like a strong but smart way to fix bushes that get too big or messy. You cut off every branch at ground level with a strong tool like a saw or lopper. This works well for many bushes in the Mid-Atlantic region during winter when the plants are resting, so bugs and diseases are also resting. Then, when spring comes, the bushes can grow nicely again. Rejuvenation pruning is good for controlling bushes that grow too much.

How to Prune Plants
How to Prune Plants

If you have a healthy, big bush that lost its shape, has too many dead stems, or isn’t flowering well, try rejuvenation pruning. It helps, especially when some stems are too weak to make flowers. But timing is crucial.

When you cut a bush to the ground, it has to use the energy stored in its roots to grow again. So, it’s best to do this when the plant is fully resting, usually between January and early March in the mid-Atlantic. Some special bushes, like red-twig and yellow-twig dogwoods, can be pruned a bit earlier in winter. For dogwoods and willows with colorful stems, do this pruning every 3 to 5 years to get rid of old branches and make room for new ones? After pruning, take care of the bush.

Cutting a bush a lot can stress it out. After you cut it, help it grow again by putting organic stuff like compost around the bottom. Also, give it enough water and the right food to grow well. Use fertilizers that are good for the soil or special things that help with nutrients. It might feel a bit scary to try this, but if you do it carefully, your bush will become healthier and prettier in a few seasons.

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