7 Best Deer-Resistant Plants and Flowers

Deer-Resistant Plants

7 Best Deer-Resistant Plants and Flowers

There are many plants and flowers you can grow to deter deer from eating your landscape, but it’s important to find the right one for your area. This article will show you seven of the best deer-resistant plants and flowers.

Deer-Resistant Plants
Deer-Resistant Plants

Plant and Flower Options

There are so many beautiful flowers that deer will not eat, giving you plenty of options to choose from! Here is a list of some great choices:

  1. Ageratum
  2. Begonia
  3. Calendula
  4. Chrysanthemum
  5. Cleome
  6. Cockscomb
  7. Coleus
  8. Geranium
  9. Impatiens
  10. Lantana
  11. Marigold
  12. Nasturtium
  13. Petunia
  14. Phlox
  15. Salvia

Deer-Resistant Plants

If you’re looking for deer-resistant plants for your garden, look no further! Here is a list of our top 10 favorite deer-resistant plants:

  1. Lavender
  2. Rosemary
  3. Sage
  4. Thyme
  5. Oregano
  6. Lavender cotton
  7. Wormwood
  8. Yarrow
  9. Feverfew
  10. Sow thistle

Deer-Luring Flowers

Deer love to munch on flowers, and they will often go for the prettiest ones first. But there are some flowers that deer find unappealing, and these can be used to create a deer-resistant garden. Here are some of the best deer-luring flowers:

  1. Marigolds
  2. Zinnias
  3. Petunias
  4. Snapdragon
  5. Larkspur
  6. Hollyhock
  7. Foxglove
  8. Geraniums
  9. Dahlias
  10. impatiens

Flower Choice Recommendations

There are a variety of flowers that can be planted that deer will not eat. Some of these include lantana, marigolds, impatiens, and petunias. These flowers are all annuals, which means they will need to be replanted each year. There are also a number of perennials that deer don’t like to eat, such as daylilies, black-eyed Susans, and yarrow. Replanting is not necessary with perennials because they grow back year after year.


If you’re looking for deer-resistant plants and flowers, then this list is a great place to start. From perennials to annuals, there are plenty of options to choose from. And the best part is that these plants are not only deer-resistant but also beautiful, so you can have a stunning garden without having to worry about deer destroying your hard work.

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