5 Best Common Hacks For Gardening

Hacks For Gardening

  1. If you’re short on space, try growing your plants in recycled tires. Just make sure to punch a few drainage holes in the bottom first.
  2. Keep your plants healthy and free of pests by using household items like coffee grounds and eggshells as organic fertilizer.
  3. Keep weeds at bay by using an old kitchen knife to slice through the roots.
  4. Create your own mini greenhouse by covering your plants with plastic bottles. Just cut the bottoms off and place them upside down over your plants.
  5. Get rid of slugs and snails by setting out a shallow dish of beer. They’ll crawl in and drown. Cheers to that!
5 Best Common Hacks For Gardening
5 Best Common Hacks For Gardening

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